What is a control plan?

Objective: The objective of the following sessions is to develop and apply the concept of quality assurance through learning the appropriate tools: PFD, FMEA, Control Plan, PDCA (although it is related to continuous improvement, it is applicable to all management processes quality).


The material available for this activity is the same in the online version as the face-to-face one. This is because it is an individual realization, although group work gives greater depth to the development of the activity.

The control plans are technical quality documents that are carried out at the project, process or company level to achieve quality assurance, both of the own processes, and that of the suppliers, if so desired. The aim is to tackle the problems derived from the lack of control, anticipating the problems that may arise (as described by the FMEA, and which it is not capable of eliminating) by proposing work plans, monitoring and documentation to carry out the containment action and continuous improvement.

Carrying out the control plans is a multidisciplinary activity, carried out at a transversal level in the company, where all the affected departments are involved. The basic attitude in the generation of the control plans must be constructivist, so that before any approach of deviation on the control, the reaction must be positive and to improve in favor of quality.

What can be done ?